The National Irrigation Administration Region VI is headed by Engr. Jonel B. Borres, Acting Regional Manager. Under him are two (2) divisions providing technical and administrative support for its operations. These are the Engineering and Operations Division and the Administrative and Finance Division.

        Under the new Rationalization Plan, the regional office supervises four (4) Irrigation Management Offices (IMOs), each headed by a division manager: Aklan-Capiz IMO, Antique IMO, Iloilo-Guimaras IMO, and Negros Occidental IMO. It operates nine (9) National Irrigation Systems (NIS) with 54, 221.08 hectares service area and 782 Communal Irrigation Systems (CISs).

       NIA operates and maintains the irrigation systems in partnership with its farmer-beneficiaries organized into Irrigator’s Associations (IAs). It is also undertaking institutional development activities geared towards the strengthening and enhancing the capabilities of the IAs in order to make them effective partners in the operation and maintenance of the NISs and CIs. It also undertakes repair, rehabilitation, and improvement of NISs and CISs through the national government and   financial assistance of foreign lending institutions and stakeholders such as LGUs, IAs and NGOs.