The IDS Assessment and Planning Workshop is a regular activity that aims to evaluate the performances of the IMOs based on their accomplishments per quarter. The Regional Office considers it as an effective strategy not only to assist and monitor the IDP implementation but to provide inputs and recommendations should there be deviations from their targets, as well.

The three-day activity also serves as a venue to present and discuss the target activities for the last quarter. In addition to this is the presentation of the results of the recently conducted IA Audit. This will enable the IMOs to formulate strategies to assist the IAs to improve the different aspects, i.e., Operation and Maintenance, Financial, Organization, and Agri-Support Services.

Participants for the activity are the different IDS Centralizers from all IMOs, Regional IDS Staff headed by Ms. Joy A. Babiera, CRC B, and IDOs from Antique IMO.

The 3rd Quarter Assessment and Planning Workshop on October 4-6, 2022 is hosted by Antique Irrigation Management Office under Engr. Ma. Elena T. Basco, Division Manager A.