NIA Region VI holds Environmental Assessment Training

NIA Regional Office VI conducted an Environmental Assessment (EA) and EA Tools Training on Nov. 11-12, 2021. The training introduced different EA tools that can be applied during the pre-construction, construction, and abandonment phase of project implementation. The EA activities range from more focused and project-specific Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs) to Cumulative Impact Assessments to the designated Pollution Control Officers (PCOs) of each IMOs, including PCOs of JRMP II and Regional Office.

The training also aimed to introduce more focused and more effective supervision of safeguard issues during project implementation. Dr. Nicanor Babiera and Mr. Steve Cordero from JRMP 2 served as the training's Resource Persons.

Furthermore, the training included a field visit to the JPMP II project site on day 2 for actual monitoring of the ongoing dam construction. This activity is helpful for the Project-In-Charge in their respective Irrigation Management Office (IMO) to increase their knowledge and ability in assessing the project's potential impacts on the environment, including land, air, water, and people, during project identification. Lastly, it capacitates the participants to monitor the activities during project implementation, provide recommendations and mitigating measures, and adopt the best practices of JRMP II in safeguarding our environment.