Various Antique IAs Conduct Canal Clearing Activities

Irrigators’ Associations (IA) all over the Province of Antique with existing IMT contracts are simultaneously conducting their canal clearing activities in preparation for Dry Crop 2022. Canal clearing activities were conducted last September 3, 2021. These activities are part of the commitment of IAs to the Irrigation Management Transfer (IMT) contract, which they have signed with the National Irrigation Administration (NIA).

The IAs, under the IMT contracts, are responsible for the repair and maintenance works of the structures that can be done manually. Also, the IAs are obliged to monitor activities related to O & M and to formulate policies and procedures based on fair sharing of burdens and efforts of farmer members.

This activity was conducted for the purpose that all canals will be free from weeds and trash so that enough water supply can reach to the farm lots of the farmer members to improve agricultural productivity and also to increase their income.