Conduct of 2-Day Training on Strategic Planning and Policy Setting to Antique IA

The Irrigators’ Associations primarily are organized to effectively manage the operation and maintenance of the Irrigation System after project completion. To achieve a harmonious relationship among members, there must be proper organization management. A Proper delineation of duties and responsibilities as well as the implementation of rules and regulations plays a vital role in achieving the organization’s objectives. IA leaders must be well equipped with competence and a high level of organizational capability and leadership in problem-solving, decision making, and policy formulation/ implementation.

As a corporate body, the IA must have its Vision, Mission, and Objectives. Developing its VMO ensures that the IA focuses on one concrete direction and has agreed to follow the steps in achieving such. It is also imperative that the Board of Trustees provide a comprehensive plan for the development of the IA. Furthermore, the VMO will serve as a guide regardless of the change of officers who will manage the IA.